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One Heartbeat: The History of the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

(Hard case/180 pages/175 illustrations. Publication date: January 2005)

“The history of the Boys’ Latin School unfolds like a fable of charmed survival—of the Civil War, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, two world wars and the wrecking ball of urban renewal in One Heartbeat, a well researched and written book.” — Baltimore Sun

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Founders and Keepers: The Story of a Family Oil Business

(Hard case/136 pages/101 illustrations: Publication date: May 2008)

Quarles Petroleum began in 1939 with a man, a dream and a shiny red ‘35 Ford truck, rigged to deliver heating oil to homes in Warrenton, Virginia. This is the story of a the trials and triumphs of a man who had “lost it all” in the Great Depression, then with hard work, determination, and a little bit of luck, was able to lay the foundations for what is now a third generation, family-owned and operated oil business that distributes 30 billion gallons of petroleum products per year.

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Featured Articles


Vegas on the Potomac

(Maryland Life Magazine, February 2006)

The legalization of slot machines in Maryland has been a hotly contested topic for several years. Few people realize there is a precedent. Slots were legal in Southern Maryland until 1963—and they proliferated. This article describes Maryland’s own “Strip” (Route 301) in the days when “cha ching” was the soundtrack of daily life.

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Holiday’s on Howard Street

(Maryland Life Magazine, December 2007)

In the final years of the 1800s, Jewish immigrant peddlers of pelts and cloth built Baltimore’s first department stores. Called “palaces,” these emporiums were a far cry from the simple retail operations that had preceded them and with them shopping became an altogether luxurious experience.

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We’re Not Hiding Anymore

(Chesapeake Life Magazine, October 2008)

After years of seclusion, the Nanticoke Indians of Delaware and Maryland are bringing their culture to the mainstream. This article traces the resurgence of identity for these modern-day descendents of the pre-colonial “Nanticoke Empire,” particularly regarding their recent efforts to re-learn their ancient tongue.

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Marketing Magazine Content


Working at Play

(Touch Magazine, Summer 2003)

Working at Play: A child’s work is to play, but not all children know how. Several programs at Kennedy Krieger teach them – for the sake of more than just amusement.

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Research Frontiers: Trials of the Mind

(Touch Magazine, Summer 2003)

Researchers at Kennedy Krieger Institute are investigating two experimental treatments that it is hoped will slow or stop the progress of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome.

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Annual Reports


Michael’s Story

(Kennedy Krieger Institute Report of Gifts)

Michael Toney whiled away the summer of 2001 awash in the pleasures of being eleven, being a boy and being out of school. … Then one day, as Michael was biking to a friend’s house and looking forward to his troop meeting that night, the carefree rhythm of the summer of his eleventh year came to a horrific end.

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People Profiles


Addie’s Story

(Kennedy Krieger Institute Report of Gifts)

Individuals with Autism are unable to process and form language in typical ways. Speech Pathology therapists at The Early Achievements Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute gave a young girl with Autism the keys to learn. First picture cards were used to enable her to communicate and then she was taught American Sign Language. Finally, with intensive therapy and hard work, she slowly began forming words….

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